Shiba-Inu Mono-breed Kennel «DemishStar»

Allow to present you a shiba-inu from the Far East. Popularity of this Japanese dog grows all over the world and has certainly come on the edge of Russian land — to Vladivostok.

Our Kennel «DemishStar» the first and only in all Russian Far East region, is a member of the Cynologique organizations of Russia, Japan, Korea and China (RCF-FCI №11 — 996, NIPPO — 53-23-0005, KKF — 111-00000067, CKU — 010-51297700).

The «DemishStar» Kennel has begun its work in 2008. We certainly are interested in an excellent breeding livestock. For today, there are 11 dogs of pure shiba-inu breed: 4 males and 7 females, among them five Inter-Champions.

Two of our dogs, black-with-tan Hoshi and red Kaze, were imported from Japan. The other two, Karyudo and Masaru, are from St-Peterburg (Russia).

Our oldest breeding bitch is from wellknown English Kennel "VORMUND" —Shibetsu Akako, Multi- and the Inter-Champion. Two red-colored females, Vasabi and Little Fox, are brought from St.Peterburg (blood of England and Japan).

In November, 2009 two puppies were brought from Dnepropetrovsk (Ukraine), from GO YOU DJENIMA Kennel: sezame-colored Kohana and black-with-tan Kahi, blood of Spain, Germany and the USA.

Our youngest bitch Kazakoshi No Tenhime Go Yokohama Atsumi was brought from Japan in 2010.


Success and achievements

All of our dogs are very successfully exhibited at various exhibitions of Russia and worldwide, almost all are Champions of five and more countries, numerous winners of exhibitions and the best representatives of breed. Experts always mark high breed of our Shibas, excellent mentality and temperament, magnificent presentation and condition of fur. Shibas of «DemishStar» Kennel are the only in Russian Federation And Europe that have titles of Champions of Asia, Korea and China.

Well and certainly we aren't going to stop on the reached.